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Responsive Instruction in Quality Learning Environments

Building a culture of excellence through Quality Learning Environments (QLE)

Key Domain: Responsive Instruction

Responsive Instruction considers the needs of all learners so they can achieve success, and is one of five domains under Quality Pedagogy in NGPS Quality Learning Environments (QLE). With responsive instruction, the teacher is flexible in the delivery of instruction and adapts to ensure student engagement and understanding, through the effective use of research-proven best practices.

“For me, one of the most valuable parts of our exploration of QLE is the process of self-reflection on my own practices and beliefs as a teacher. We can all find areas for growth as we delve deeper into the domains of Quality Learning Environments!”

- Trina Lamarre, Teacher, Grasmere School

Quality Learning Environments are one way Northern Gateway school leaders and educators are enhancing quality learning for all students. The work entails an ongoing commitment to professional growth and development of teachers and school leaders in ensuring that strong universal instructional and leadership practices are developed, shared and practiced in all schools. 

The five domains of quality pedagogy:

  • The Engaged Professional
  • Purposeful Assessment
  • Intentional Planning
  • Positive Classroom Culture
  • Responsive Instruction

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The development of NGPS' QLE is guided by a divisional Steering Team of principals and faciliated by our colleagues and consultants at Jigsaw Learning The QLE School Leadership Team is comprised of principals, assistant principals and lead teachers from every school in our division. The School Leadership Team reinforces QLE learning and direction at the school level by facilitating professional learning within their school community, developing tools to support Quality Pedagogy and connecting and networking with other schools.   

Learning for Life. Together.

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