School Council Fundraising

The Grasmere Grizzles Enhancement Society wishes to give parents an overview of their fundraising plans for the 2015-16 school year. Please note that these dates are not firm, rather an approximation of when to expect certain fundraising events to take place. More information will be provided once dates are finalized.

Sept. - Student Union Ticket Packs- deadline is Sept. 15th for order forms
Sept./Oct.- Little Caesar's Pizza
November- Mundare
November- Poinsettias
November- Fundscrip Gift Cards 
December- Santa's Secret Workshop
December- Christmas Craft and Bake Sale- Dec. 16
January- VIP Food Service
February/March- Little Caesar's Pizza
March- possibly a shopping event
April- Vesey's & DeVry bulbs and plants
May/June-VIPFood Service 

Grasmere Grizzlies Enhancement Society (GGES)

The Grasmere Grizzlies Enhancement Society (GGES) was formed about a year ago. It was born out the desire to be able to raise funds for Grasmere School and give us the ability to access funding and grants that cannot otherwise be accessed by a Parent Council. 

Our current goal is to raise money for an electronic school/community sign in hopes of becoming a more visible entity in the community,as well as engaging our community groups to work more collaboratively with our school – and vice versa. We have high hopes of evolving and fundraising to include new playground equipment, new sports equipment and uniforms and any other endeavor identified by staff, students and parents. We strongly encourage parents to become involved in GGES and have a say in what you want your child’s fundraising efforts support. We meet the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm after our Parent Council meeting. We hope to see you there!

Grasmere School Council

If you’ve ever wanted to know just what’s going on at Grasmere School then you should come to a School Council meeting and find out! School Council meetings run the first Monday of the month at 6:30 at the school. We receive an update from our school trustee, Judy Muir, a principal’s report from our principal, Shelley Wyman, as well as a teacher’s report of what has been happening around the school, what’s new and what’s coming up. We also raise money for school items through the Mundare Sausage fundraiser and decide where that money is best spent. Last yearsome of the money went towards the new jerseys for our sports team, we helped to purchase Spirit Wear for the students and in the past some of the money has gone towards the purchase of new technology and Smartboards for the classrooms. We also help to recruit and coordinate the many needed (and greatly appreciated!) volunteers to run our special events at the school. So come on out and see just what School Council is all about – we would appreciate your thoughts and ideas!

Grasmere School Council Executive